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  Super Registry provides financial Advisors, Accountants, Lawyers, SMSF Administrators and individuals with a complete range of SMSF and Corporate documentation  

Super Registry

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Super Registry is a specialist SMSF and Corporate document provider. Our products include:

  • SMSF Establishments and Trust Deed Updates;
  • SMSF Pensions;
  • SMSF Trustee Changes;
  • SMSF Complying Loans
  • SMSF Investment Strategies;
  • Companies and Trusts.

We deal directly with Accountants, Financial Planners, Lawyers and SMSF Administrators as well as the general public.

Lawyer sign off

Some documents are more complicated to prepare, and have more legal risk attached to them, than other documents. SMSF Trust Deed updates and SMSF Trustee Changes for example, often involve specific drafting to accommodate issues such as parties required to consent to the documents, conflicting clauses in existing trust deeds, clauses that must be retained in an upgrade, and many other issues.

SMSF Complying loans can also be very complicated given the number of parties involved in the transaction and the specific requirements that the SIS legislation and regulations, and the banks, impose on these documents.

Super Registry is committed to providing only the highest quality SMSF and Corporate documents to you. For this reason we provide lawyer sign off for all of our SMSF Trust Deed updates, Trustee Changes, and SMSF Complying Loans – to ensure that these more complicated documents are correctly prepared and are compliant with the relevant requirements. This lawyer sign off takes the risk away from you, and places it back on us, limiting your exposure to the legal risk attached to these documents.

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