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Trust Deed Update Service

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Super Registry ensures your Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) Trust Deeds are always up to date and compliant by providing you with FULL DEED UPDATES (including a new Trust Deed, minutes and PDS) whenever new legislation requires.

How does it work?

  • You upgrade your existing Super Fund Trust Deeds to the Super Registry Trust Deed;
  • Your deed records are then kept in our secure database;
  • When a legislative change occurs that is not provided for in our Trust Deed, we update your Trust Deeds for you, without you having to complete an order form.
  • Super Registry can also provide you with yearly personalised Compliance Letters for your Super Funds, stating the Fund's Trust Deed is still compliant with the prevailing legislation.

Do I get a new Trust Deed each year? 

We do not believe that it is necessary to update your Trust Deed every year.  In reality, the superannuation legislation does not change enough each year to warrant this, and a new deed each year is not practical from an administrative or cost perspective.  Our view is that a Trust Deed should only be updated when legislative changes occur that necessitates the update, and for this reason we only update the Super Registry Trust Deed when we determine that it no longer contains the most current legislative provisions.

As an alternative to new Trust Deeds each year, Super Registry can provide you with a yearly compliance letter for your Super Fund's which can be used for the annual statements.  This Compliance Letter is a legal letter stating the Super Registry Trust Deed is still compliant with the prevailing SMSF legislation.  The Super Registry annual Compliance Letters are personalised for each Fund, and are a cost effective way to show your client's their Super Fund's are always up to date.

What are the Costs?

The Super Registry annual Compliance Letters cost $55 per Fund per year and are only available in years when a Trust Deed update is not provided. 

Updates to the Super Registry Trust Deed are half the standard deed update rate, which is only $137.50 per update.  In our view, as it is closely drafted to the provisions of the SIS Act, the Super Registry Trust Deed would only have to be updated every few years and does not have to be updated every year.  Please note when an update to made to the Super Registry Trust Deed, you are provided with a complete list of deeds previously prepared by us and you have the ability to pick and choose the Fund's you wish to update. 

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